About us...


Bluescreen are the first Spanish Company specialized in underwater shooting. 
Back in 1995 we produced our first documentaries using an Arri SR II
inside an Arri Marine housing.
In 1998 we started shooting advertising and commercials in 35mm with an
Arri BL II which we fitted with a black & white video-assist with an output video
signal to the surface.
In 1999 we adapted our underwater housing Blue1, to use with the Arri III with
the Crystal Motor Cinematography. We were able to shoot at 100 fps.
When the “new” Arri 435 appeared, we made new modifications to our housing
including the control the RCU from the surface.
In 2005 we designed yet another housing, Blue2, with its own electric and motor
In 2009 we became the first and only Hydroflex agents in Spain.
And today we are able to work in all digital formats with most cameras: ALEXA, 
Phantom, Epic, Red One, Photron, 5D MK II, etc ...


Goya 11, Bajo
46018 - Valencia (Spain)

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Telephone: +34 963 261 219
Mobile: +34 605 992 814
FAX: +34 963 261 229